EURO2024 德國歐洲盃小組賽前瞻:參與預測冠軍,贏取豐厚獎品!

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  1. 預測冠軍:在小組賽開始前,您可以通過我們的平台預測您認為會奪冠的球隊。
  2. 下注次數:每進行5次或以上的投注,並且每次投注金額超過500港元,即可參加活動。


  • 預測獎勵:成功預測冠軍球隊的成員將在歐洲盃結束後獲得1888港元的獎金。此外,還會獲得一件冠軍球隊的正版球衣和一個指定的世界杯用球。
  • 超級獎品:命中預測的成員將有機會獲得iPhone 15 Pro Max和iPad Pro 13。
  • 額外獎金:第三名的參與者將獲得額外的2888港元現金獎。


  1. 註冊並登錄我們的平台。
  2. 確認您的帳戶有足夠的餘額以進行至少5次、每次超過500港元的投注。
  3. 在小組賽開始前進行您的冠軍預測。
  4. 等待比賽結束,看您的預測是否準確。


  • 所有參與者需在指定時間內完成投注和預測。
  • 獎品將在歐洲盃結束後發放,請確保您的聯絡信息準確無誤。
  • 每位成員僅有一次獲獎機會。




Euro2024 Event on SFBET Sports Entertainment City

Experience the thrill of EURO2024 with SFBET Sports Entertainment City: Predict the champion team before the group stage begins and participate in our exciting promotion. For every 5 bets placed, each over HKD 500, you stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

How to Participate:

  • Place at least 5 bets, each over HKD 500, on the platform.
  • Make your champion prediction before the group stage starts.


  • Winner’s Bonus: Receive a HKD 1888 bonus if you correctly predict the champion at the end of the tournament.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: Win a genuine champion team jersey and a designated World Cup ball.
  • Top Prizes: Successful predictors will be eligible to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max and an iPad Pro 13.
  • Third Place Bonus: The third-place participant will receive an additional cash prize of HKD 2,888.

Join SFBET now, place your bets, and predict the EURO2024 champion for a chance to win fantastic prizes and enjoy the ultimate football experience!

FAQ about EURO2024 Champion Prediction Activity

  1. What is the EURO2024 Champion Prediction Activity?
    • It is an event where participants can predict the champion of EURO2024 and win exciting prizes, including cash rewards, a genuine champion jersey, a designated World Cup ball, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and an iPad Pro 13.
  2. How can I participate in the champion prediction activity?
    • You can participate by predicting the champion before the group stage begins and placing at least five bets, each over HKD 500.
  3. When can I make my predictions?
    • Predictions must be made before the group stage of EURO2024 begins.
  4. How are the winners selected?
    • Winners are selected based on the accuracy of their predictions. Those who correctly predict the champion will receive the prizes.
  5. What are the prizes for correctly predicting the champion?
    • Correct predictors will receive HKD 1888 in cash, a genuine champion team jersey, and a designated World Cup ball. Additionally, they have a chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max and an iPad Pro 13.
  6. Is there an additional prize for the third-place winner?
    • Yes, the third-place participant will receive an additional cash prize of HKD 2,888.
  7. How and when will the prizes be distributed?
    • Prizes will be distributed after the conclusion of EURO2024. Ensure your contact information is accurate to receive the prizes.
  8. Can I participate multiple times?
    • Each member can only win once, but you can make multiple predictions to increase your chances of winning.
  9. What happens if I don’t reach the minimum bet requirement?
    • You must place at least five bets over HKD 500 each to qualify for the prediction activity. Failing to meet this requirement will disqualify you from the event.
  10. How do I know if my prediction is successful?
    • After the conclusion of EURO2024, the winners will be notified via the contact information provided. Ensure your details are up-to-date to receive notifications.


The EURO2024 Champion Prediction Activity is a thrilling opportunity for football fans to engage more deeply with the tournament while standing a chance to win amazing prizes.

By making accurate predictions and meeting the betting requirements, participants can enjoy the excitement of the matches and potentially walk away with substantial rewards. Don’t miss out on this chance to support your favorite team and win big. Place your bets and make your predictions today!


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